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The Coolest Ski and Snowboard Apps for Your Next Mountain Adventures

The Coolest Ski and Snowboard Apps for Your Next Mountain Adventures
Best Ski Tracking App

1. Ski Tracks (iPhone & Android):

Ski Tracks, the world’s most downloaded ski and snowboard app, is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile GPS skiing app allows you to effortlessly track your routes, runs, and elevation while shredding the fresh powder up in the mountains. Compatible with smartwatches and social platforms, you can easily compare stats with friends and share results across social media. With essential ski stats like altitude, duration, runs, max speed, and distance in one place, Ski Tracks also boasts up to 14 hours of battery life, making it a must-have companion for your skiing adventures.

Download Ski Tracks skiing app (iPhone) 

Download Ski Tracks skiing app (Android)

2. Slopes (iPhone and Android):

Slopes is a comprehensive tracking app designed for skiing and snowboarding, offering highly detailed stats and maps for ski resorts worldwide. Its smart tracking features can differentiate between runs and lift rides, eliminating the need to pause at the end of the piste. Additionally, you can connect and compete with friends using its social networking feature. Slopes is also compatible with Apple Watch, providing convenient access while on the move.

Download Slopes skiing app (iPhone) 

Download Slopes skiing app (Android) 

Best Ski Fitness Apps

3. SkiFit (Vimeo series):

Formerly available as an app, SkiFit now offers a video-based series on the Vimeo platform. Led by trained physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin, this series comprises four guided one-hour workouts featuring over 100 ski-specific exercises, accessible anywhere through the Vimeo app. SkiFit helps you get in shape for the slopes without any equipment, ensuring you're ready to tackle the mountains with confidence.

SkiFit Info

4. 12 Minute Ski Workout Slopes Fit (iPhone):

This skiing app offers a bite-sized workout tailored for beginners, focusing on building technique, strength, and endurance to prepare you for the slopes and reduce the risk of injuries.

Download 12 Min Ski Workout Slopes Fit skiing app (iPhone)

5. SnowFit (Android):

SnowFit offers over four hours of workouts to prepare your body for the ski season ahead. With targeted exercises for different muscle groups and three intensity levels to choose from, SnowFit helps you get in peak condition for hitting the slopes.

Download SnowFit skiing app (Android)

Best Ski Conditions App

8. OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report (iPhone and Android):

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report delivers daily snow reports and up-to-date conditions from over 2000 ski areas worldwide. This app allows you to view and upload first-hand reports and photos, check webcams and snow forecasts, and set powder alerts for your favorite resorts, keeping you informed about weather and conditions on the slopes.

Download OnTheSnow skiing app (iPhone)

Download OnTheSnow skiing app (Android)

Best Avalanche Forecast App

9. Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools (iPhone and Android):

This skiing app combines iPhone technology with snow science to enhance backcountry travel decisions, share observations, and increase avalanche knowledge and awareness. Stay safe and informed with the latest avalanche forecasts, live conditions from other users, and vital information about snow, weather, and terrain.

Download Avalanche Safety Tools skiing app (iPhone)

Download Avalanche Safety Tools skiing app (Android)

Best Ski Map Apps

12. SkiLynx (iPhone and Android):

SkiLynx is perfect for groups of varying abilities, allowing you to stay updated on your group's location while skiing together. Easily locate your group members, view the difficulty of the current ski area, and decide on a meeting point without any hassle.

Download the SkiLynx skiing app for iPhone

Download the SkiLynx skiing app for Android

13. Maprika (Android and iPhone):

Maprika is a simple GPS skiing app that lets you locate your friends on-piste, set and share rendezvous points, track completed runs, and leave reviews.

Download Maprika skiing app (Android)

Download Maprika skiing app (iPhone)

14. Peakfinder (iPhone and Android):

With Peakfinder, you can identify peaks and mountains around you with ease. This app provides detailed information about each peak and enhances your resort knowledge, making it a fun and informative companion on the slopes.

Download Peakfinder skiing app (Android)

Download Peakfinder skiing app (iPhone)

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